This blog began with a Facebook photo on World Book Day 2015 and has since become a very fun way for us to pass the time.

We have only one rule: we don’t spend any money. Every picture has to be created with things that we already have. So if that means a wooden spoon as a broomstick, tights as a pair of kangaroo ears or an old withered basil plant as grass in Mr McGregor’s Garden, then we’ll roll with it. (And we’ll pretend it’s because we’re good recyclers, but really it’s because Mummy is on maternity leave and needs money for chocolate and cake).

Mummy doesn’t profess to being great at photography or even hugely artistic, but we love reading together, and perhaps it’s more important to have a slightly bonkers imagination anyway.

We hope you or your children enjoy this blog, and sharing our love of great books,

Laura (Mummy) and Matilda (Baby in a Book)


You can contact us by tweeting @laura_j_schof


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